Make Your Floors Shine

Make Your Floors Shine

Turn to us for floor cleaning services in Lexington, KY

Dusty, dirty floors don't just look bad. They can also mean damage to your floors in the long run. Reach out to Top Quality Cleaning for the floor cleaning services you need. We'll scrubs away everything from food stains to dust buildup.

You can trust us to:

  • Strip and wax your flooring
  • Clean tile and grout in your kitchen or bathroom
  • Steam-clean your carpets

We have the experience and equipment needed to clean all types of flooring.

Call now to request our floor cleaning services in Lexington, KY or a nearby area.

Make sure your carpets are clean and in good shape

You'd be surprised at the number of spores and pollutants that cling to your carpet fibers. It's a good idea to sign up for frequent carpet cleaning services. We'll get out potential allergens that might be lingering in your carpet as well as spills, stains and spots.

Contact us today to discuss the carpet cleaning services we offer throughout Lexington, KY and the surrounding areas.